Norwich Public Utilities (NPU)

A municipally owned utility serving Norwich, CT with
natural gas, electricity, water and sewer services.

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Understanding Your Bill

How to Read Your Bill

    Image of NPU bil
  1. Important messages and reminders. You'll find special events, news and energy tips
  2. At a glance: account information summarized to show payments, charges, credits, amount due, and late payment date
  3. Meter reading summary includes previous meter reading information
  4. Graphs have been expanded to include 13-months of consumption data
  5. Charges are separated to reflect the rate structure
  6. Miscellaneous Charges/Credits include service charges, bank charges, meter reading adjustments, etc., are detailed; the total is a line item in the summary
  7. Non-metered items are items billed at a per item or per month rate; not based on amount of usage
  8. New Bill Budget

    Payment Coupon Details

    New Bill Details
  9. Easy-to-find account and payment information
  10. If including a donation to Operation Fuel in your Amount Enclosed, enter that amount here
  11. Be sure our address shows in the return envelope window

The Back of the Billing Statement Also Includes Important Information...

New Bill Budget

  1. Norwich Public Utilities contact information
  2. Payyment Options
  3. Your rights as a NPU customer
  4. Definitions of billing terms and information about Operation Fuel
  5. Translation into another language, if necessary, is encouraged

About Adjustments

You will see adjustments to your electricity and natural gas rates that may increase or decrease your bill. These are needed because both of these energy sources are subject to price fluctuations.

NPU develops its rates based on a forecasted cost of the supply. Sometimes, the actual rate is more, or less, than this forecasted rate. When this occurs, the cost increase, or cost savings, are shown as an adjustment. NPU does not collect extra profit on energy supply costs, so cost increases cannot be absorbed by NPU. Cost increases, and cost savings are passed on to customers.

To ease the pain of cost increases, Norwich balances the needed adjustments over a period of time so that large price spikes are not reflected in monthly bills.


Electric, Sewer, Water: 860-887-2555
Natural Gas: 860-887-7207
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